Welcome to Solo Like You Mean It!

Note: After filming and producing the course, I rearranged the order of a few of those seven broad steps.

  1. Learn how to find the chord tones.
  2. "Chord Tones Only": Improvise or compose simple solos with a strictly limited vocabulary: nothing but chord tones.
  3. "Segments and Sequences": Learn patterns through arpeggios to make them flow out of your muscle memory with ease.
  4. "Noodling With Targets": Integrate your new arpeggio skills with your existing scale skills.
  5. "Chord Tone Target Practice": Increase your control over targeting a specific note at a specific time.
  6. "Write Your Own Licks": Combine and apply the techniques from this course to create unique licks that weave tastefully through any chord progression.
  7. Build your own soloing vocabulary. How to practice in the long run.

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