Practice Tips

Minimum: Spend some time working on one arpeggio shape on a single major or minor chord. (The backing track provided was on C major, but you could find or create your own on any other chord.) Take yourself through the three approaches: rubato with strict rhythm, in time with any rhythm, in time with strict rhythm.

Repeat that process on a two-chord vamp using major or minor chords. (The backing track provided was on G and Em.) This is a great way to memorize a new arpeggio shape if you're ready to add one to your knowledge bank.

Find one new way to apply this exercise. Use the chords from a song you enjoy, and play over the recording or make your own backing track.

Ambitious: All of the above, plus try out all six progressions and backing tracks provided. Decide where you need to focus based on your current abilities and goals. (One, two, or four chords? Triads or 7ths?) Find several new ways to apply this exercise, and incorporate it into your long term practice routine.

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